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The Controversial Artwork of South African Artiste That is Causing Chaos in South Africa

A controversial artwork is currently trending in South Africa and has drawn the attention of all, as South Africans and others continue to debate over the artwork.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation issued a statement saying that though it respects the right to freedom of expression it finds the “painting distasteful”.

The ruling party, ANC says it finds the work “grotesque, inflammatory and of bad taste – but the party also defends the right for the artist to express himself.

President Jacob Zuma’s family is considering taking legal action against artiste Ayanda Mabulu whose art work is being exhibited at the Ruben.

This is not the first of such kind of painting of President Zuma by the artist who has in the past drawn a number of pictures showing the president in sexually explicit positions.

The artist has defended his work saying it reflects the current state of affairs in the country under Zuma’s leadership, who is accused of raping the democratic values of the country.

“The message in the painting is simple and clear: the country and everything we fought for before 1994 and post 1994, is constantly and continuously being raped by this rapist president of ours,” he told a local radio station.

Zuma who has been criticised in past weeks after a shock cabinet reshuffle last month which provoked a political and economic backlash has resisted calls for him to resign.

See art work (Viewer discretion advised)

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