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Time To Do Away With Boring Lectures

I have had enough of the boring lectures. One may stay awake the whole night,because he or she is trying to finish up uncompleted assignment, preparing for a test or doing one thing or the other, and understand why he or she is sleeping in class.

What cannot be understood is why one would sleep for more than 8 hours at night, wake up in the morning, prepare, eat, keep this face after checking the days timetable,


and still sleep?because of a boring lecture, after all the school is a platform for us to develop ourselves in all areas of life which means the learning environment should be an environment to interact which should make it exciting and lively.

A lecturer may be kind enough to let students sleep off the class, but what if it’s a strict and insensitive lecturer and your wonderful session that has bailed you out from the misery of frustration as a result of that boring lecture becomes an embarrassment, because the lecturer has interrupted the bail out(sleep).

Not every lecturer allows students chew gums in class.

Using electronic devices during class is prohibited.

Doodling and Meditating may just be the key,but it’s also just another way of spending your school fees “smartly”.

So, what is the solution?

Suggest to the AbuadTimeline and to the Educational World today.

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